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Can she earn the colonists' trust and prepare them in time for first contact?

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Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. June 15, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Just picked this up.

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  4. Read it. Loved it. If you're a fan of Anna Foster, Patrick Stutzman or both, Alone in The Crowd is a satisfying third instalment to what's been an entertaining series.

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    It's been an interesting trip so far. Anna's journeys have taken her from Earth to a remote mining station at the edge of space, to marooning her on an alien moon. Let's face it. Anna's been through the wringer. But Patrick Stutzman isn't done with her yet - and that's a good thing, because it's always fun to see what trouble Anna's going to get into next, and how the hell she's going to get out of it.

    Seeing Anna having to deal with a fresh batch of rookie colonists in this third book provides a dramatic and fresh shift for one of the more original indy-series out there. September 2, - Published on Amazon.

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    What can I say, it was filled with imagery and did not disappoint with the adventure, as well as some interesting interactions between many new character that took form of colonists. I was curious to see how Patrick Stutzman's introduction of the colonists into Anna's world would play out and how it would end. I was not disappointed.

    Stutzman left ample room for another sequel, which I am hoping for as a few questions were raised towards the end. August 20, - Published on Amazon. Let me pass. Cun Xi: I love you Xin Yi. I love you. You did not want to get married 2 years and 3 months ago. You did not want a child 2 years ago.

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    And do not forget you are getting married soon. Cun Xi: I did not want to get married 2 years and 3 months ago. But after we married I found out it was good. It was all a misunderstanding. I never gave you an abortion agreement. I only wanted to give you a better divorce agreement. I did not know what I really wanted. I have decided I am not getting married now. I have called off my engagement.

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    Because I love you. Cun Xi: Why would I do that? I loved our baby.

    Cun Xi: I have poured money into this island so I would not lose contact with you. I am doing well. Cun Xi: stops her again If I let you you run away from me another time, I will be your slave for life. Cun Xi: You cannot run away!


    I have the divorce agreement! It does not have a date! I will fill in the date ! You will be my wife for the rest of your life! They realize Anna was the culprit behind the abortion agreement. Sister 2 tells Mother and Sister 1 they have been wrong about Cun Xi. Mother does not care. She notes the day after Xin Yi married him, Cun Xi made her sign a divorce agreement.

    Why would she trust him to treat Xin Yi well?

    Chronicle of a Tragedy Foretold

    Xin Yi enters and says they were married because of the baby. There is no baby and therefore no reason for them to get back together. Her sisters try to talk her into it. Xin Yi yells yes yells! He only sees her as a sticky note to use and abuse. This time she will not believe him.

    She will not be a sticky note again! Mother is impressed and says she has grown and matured. Xin Yi gets a phone call requesting she be the substitute teacher for the ceramics teacher that is on maternity leave for 2 months. She agrees. The two sisters conspire to help Cun Xi win back Xin Yi. They call Cun Xi and tell him he has their support in winning back Xin Yi. They tell him about the ceramics class. They lay the compliments on a little thick but Cun Xi is grateful for their support. I am giddy with anticipation at the 3rd phase of their love story.

    He tells her Xin Yi wants to keep her distance from him. Grandma Ji tells Cun Xi he deserves it, as he kept distance from her. She notes he wanted a divorce before giving their marriage a chance. He tells her technically they are not divorced. Grandma Ji tells him to forget about that.

    He needs to woo is wife back to him with kindness and sincerity. Go Grandma Go! She tells him persistence will pay off. Grandma Ji asks what kind of flowers Xin Yi likes. Cun Xi remebers the courage flower he gave her in Shanghai as Mr. Inspired, he declares this time HE will be the sticky note and stick on Xin Yi no matter what!

    Go Cun Xi Go! With sincerity he tells Grandma Ji he wants to spend the rest of his life with Xin Yi. I just love it! Dylan gets a phone call about the investigation in Anna.


    The trip to Paris is off and Dylan heads to Shanghai to check out details. Her birthday and love of strawberry cake minus the strawberry on top match his sister. Cun Xi wonders how Anna is doing.