Guide Deal With Your Realities Before Satan Uses Them To Destroy You

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What I want you to know: There is a world. There's a world that you can't see.

It's invisible. But it's as real as touching your skin. It's as real as when you kiss one of your children on the cheek, and put them to bed. It's as real as when someone rear-ends you in your car, and you find yourself with lower back pain and back spasms. It is as real as tasting, and touching, and watching a sunset.

And we've got multiple examples. For centuries, people couldn't see bacteria, but was bacteria real? Viruses, are they real? Electricity — I can't see it, but it's doing some things, isn't it? Natural gas — I can't see it, but you know what? I've got a little thing in my house that if I light this, and turn a little switch over here — whew!

In what ways does the devil lie?

Carbon monoxide — I can't see it. I can't smell it. It is completely invisible. But if you stay in a room with enough of it, what will it do?


It'll kill you. There's an invisible world. Let me give you an Old Testament example, and a New Testament example. Turn in your Bibles, if you would, to 2 Kings 6. And as you turn there, I'm gonna look at verses — pick it up at verse And this is the story of one of the great prophets Elisha, and as you turn there I'll give you a little background. Elisha is making this king absolutely crazy, and he's doing a number of amazing things. He's God's man, and tremendous things are happening. And so, they are trying to get rid of him. But every time they try to get rid of him, he sneaks out of it, or he knows it's coming.

And finally, the king gets fed up and says, "You know what? I'm gonna put an end to this thing. He gets word where Elisha is. He has an army, and horsemen, and chariots, and he surrounds the city. And he's gonna get this prophet, once and for all. And the prophet has a servant who works with him, and I don't know if he got up and got his clothes ready, or cooked a little breakfast, or went out and got water, but the guy gets up early, and they're good buddies, and.

You gotta see this. We're dead. What are we gonna do? I mean, there's no way. And this is a very interesting text in the Old Testament, where God wants us to understand, there are invisible realities that we do not see, but they are very, very real. Into that situation, verse "Now when the attendant of the man of God had risen early and gone out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was circling the city.

And his servant said to him, 'Alas, my master, what shall we do? God, speak through him. He's powerful, but he's terrible in math. Hey, bro, come on out here. Let's count again.

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You, me — that's two. Now, let's count all those. And then, notice what he does. He prayed, and he had the power, for that moment of time, to see angelic beings, and the protection that he had.

In the New Testament, we have 2 Corinthians We'll look at it more later, but the only point I wanna make is, the apostle Paul will say, "The weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh. He's gonna say, there's an invisible world, and he's gonna introduce the idea that not only that, but there's an invisible war. In fact — not in your notes, but you wanna jot down a very interesting passage, Daniel 10, because there is a connection between this invisible world, and this visible world. This is an old, old booklet that had a great impact on me, by Francis Schaeffer, a little booklet called Two Contents, Two Realities.

Francis Schaeffer just makes the point, there are two contents. There is a content of a material world, and there is a content of a spiritual world. There is a visible world, and an invisible world. And there is a content of men, and flesh, and organizations, and trees, and sky, and tangible things, and, just as parallel, a real, invisible, non-material world.

And there are realities occurring in this invisible world, and there are realities that we experience in this visible world. And then, Schaeffer made the point: There is an arch, or a connection, between the invisible and the visible.

How the Devil Accuses God

And if you would read Daniel 10 very carefully, you find that he gets revelation that he doesn't understand, so he fasts and prays. And he gets no answer for the first 21 days. And after 21 days, one of the big, heavy-duty, super-charge angels comes — not just a regular angel — and he says, "Daniel, your prayer was heard on high and answered from the first day, but I was dispatched, and I've been doing battle with the king of Persia. Now, we don't understand, exactly — not a lot of details, and people make a lot of it. Here's what we know for sure: An angel was doing battle, somewhere, and God was answering his prayer.

And something happened in this invisible reality that had an impact on the visible reality. When a man prays, God is answering.

Who Is The Devil?

And there's not only an invisible world, but — fact number two, basic truth number two: We are involved in an invisible war. We are involved in a cosmic conflict that has eternal implications. The attack is on your mind. He is the father of lies.

Who Is The Devil? - Is Satan Real?

He is a deceiver. He is a deluder. He casts doubt on God. He casts doubt on His Word. He casts doubt on you. He wants you to believe a set of lies. And if you think this is just a small-time deal, look at 2 Corinthians I had a situation. I spoke at an Easter service at a church in Atlanta, and Theresa and I had a great relationship of an interim teaching pastor for a year, and it was my second-to-last service.

We had a little farewell, and it was a great time. And I did a little bit of an unusual Easter service, in that I gave a little, brief overview, and then I gave the core of what occurred on the cross, in terms of reconciliation and redemption.

The Reality of Satan

I mean, it was the Gospel, Gospel. I mean flat out, flat out. And I got together with a group of men before I preached, and one fellow was telling how his dad had come. His dad's an unbeliever. He's probably a guy about my age, maybe five or six years younger. And he said to me, he said, "I don't get it. I don't get it. I've been sharing Christ with my father for over 20 years. He came last week. He came to church. Do you? You know, if the Bible says this about Adam and Eve, and if Cain's over here.