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Gendarmenmarkt with French Cathedral. In keeping with the traditions of the reformed church, the interior is kept plain and simple.


There are no pictures and no altar. Even so, its curved ceiling arches lend it a simple elegance. The only opulent decoration is the sumptuous organ with its golden spiked corona. Concerts of the highest quality are regularly held here. As well as the weekly organ concerts, the church is also an atmospheric backdrop to concerts put on by other organisers.

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The carillon consists of 60 brass bells, and is the second largest carillon in the city after the one in the Tiergarten. Services are held every Sunday at 9. If you meet the three conditions described in the definition of a refugee, you are considered a refugee. Different forms of protection.

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Social rights of asylum seekers. Read more about social rights.

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I think I am a refugee and I want to apply for asylum in France. I am not a refugee or my demand for asylum has been rejected - what are the other possibilities to regularize my situation in France? Read more about the other possibilities to regularize your situation.

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Free will— the quality of being free from the control of fate or necessity —may first have been attributed to human will, but Newtonian physics attributes freedom— degrees of freedom , free bodies —to objects. Freedom differs from liberty as control differs from discipline. Liberty, like discipline, is linked to institutions and political parties, whether liberal or libertarian; freedom is not. Although freedom can work for or against institutions, it is not bound to them—it travels through unofficial networks.

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To have liberty is to be liberated from something; to be free is to be self-determining, autonomous. Freedom can or cannot exist within a state of liberty: one can be liberated yet unfree, or free yet enslaved Orlando Patterson has argued in Freedom: Freedom in the Making of Western Culture that freedom arose from the yearnings of slaves. Another distinction that some political theorists have deemed important is that people may aspire to have freedom from limiting forces such as freedom from fear , freedom from want , and freedom from discrimination , but descriptions of freedom and liberty generally do not invoke having liberty from anything.

Other important fields in which freedom is an issue include economic freedom , academic freedom , intellectual freedom , and scientific freedom. In purely physical terms, freedom is used much more broadly to describe the limits to which physical movement or other physical processes are possible.

This relates to the philosophical concept to the extent that people may be considered to have as much freedom as they are physically able to exercise. The number of independent variables or parameters for a system is described as its number of degrees of freedom.

For example the movement of a vehicle along a road has two degrees of freedom; to go fast or slow, or to change direction by turning left or right. The movement of a ship sailing on the waves has four degrees of freedom since it can also pitch nose-to-tail and roll side-to-side.


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An aeroplane can also climb and sideslip, giving it six degrees of freedom. Degrees of freedom in mechanics describes the number of independent motions that are allowed to a body, or, in case of a mechanism made of several bodies, the number of possible independent relative motions between the pieces of the mechanism.

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In the study of complex motor control , there may be so many degrees of freedom that a given action can be achieved in different ways by combining movements with different degrees of freedom. This issue is sometimes called the degrees of freedom problem. This can only be accomplished if the rider has an independent seat. It must be established and maintained in basic training and refers mostly to the biomechanical articulation of the rear and front legs.