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Still, relatively few depictions in art emerged compared to other religious themes until the 19th century, when the plagues became more common subjects, with John Martin and Joseph Turner producing notable canvases.

This trend probably reflected a Romantic attraction to landscape and nature painting, for which the plagues were suited, a Gothic attraction to morbid stories, and a rise in Orientalism, wherein exotic Egyptian themes found currency. Given the importance of noble patronage throughout Western art history, the plagues may have found consistent disfavor because the stories emphasize the limits of a monarch's power, and images of lice, locusts, darkness, and boils were ill-suited for decoration in palaces and churches. Taking direct inspiration from the ten plagues, Iced Earth's eleventh studio album Plagues of Babylon contains many references and allusions to the plagues.

Metallica's song " Creeping Death " from their second album, Ride the Lightning makes references to a few of the plagues, in addition to the rest of the story of the Exodus. Perhaps the most successful artistic representation of the plagues is Handel's oratorio Israel in Egypt , which, like his perennial favorite, " Messiah ", takes a libretto entirely from scripture.

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The work was especially popular in the 19th century because of its numerous choruses, generally one for each plague, and its playful musical depiction of the plagues. For example, the plague of frogs is performed as a light aria for alto, depicting frogs jumping in the violins, and the plague of flies and lice is a light chorus with fast scurrying runs in the violins. The Seventh Plague: John Martin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ten calamities inflicted on Egypt by Yahweh in order to force Pharaoh to allow the Israelites to depart. See also: Va'eira.

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  • - Ancient Egyptians wrote the Holy Bible.
  • Reasons for questioning the traditional Egyptian timeline.
  • PETER STREET: Prison!
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    Reasons for questioning the traditional Egyptian timeline

    Amsterdam University Press. The other was let out of prison. Joseph stayed in prison for two years. Genesis 40 ; The king of Egypt had some dreams. He did not understand his dreams. No one could tell him what they meant. He told the king about Joseph. The king sent for Joseph.

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    Joseph said the people in Egypt would have more food than they needed for seven years. Then there would be a famine. No food would grow for seven years.

    Egyptian history and the biblical record: a perfect match? -

    Joseph said the people must store food. Then they would have food when the famine came. The king believed Joseph. He made Joseph a leader of the people. And the column of cloud, moving from in front of them, took up its place behind them, 20 so that it came between the Egyptian army and that of Israel.

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    And when it became dark, the cloud illumined the night; and so the rival camps did not come any closer together all night long. The waters were split, 22 so that the Israelites entered into the midst of the sea on dry land, with the water as a wall to their right and to their left. Rout of the Egyptians.

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    Even the relative position of Pi-hahiroth and Baal-zephon is not clear; perhaps the former was on the west shore of the sea, where the Israelites were, and the latter on the opposite shore. The author of the text may have been describing the chariots of his experience without direct historical knowledge of Egyptian ways. The two halves of the verse are parallel and may come from different narrative sources.