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Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Hated this book : not just because i think viewing literature as a formalist or as an structuralist always unsees the part that distunguishes literature from any other prose, but because as the subject was boring since it tried to formulate any literary text the tone was just as boring making reading harder. The book is organized around three concepts: story the succession of narrated events , text the verbal representation of events , and narration the act of telling or writing. Although the author specifically states in the opening chapter that her focus is narrative fiction—setting fictional narratives apart from other narratives—in the final chapter, she backtracks from this a bit, and IMO, most of her points can be applied to all narratives not just fictional ones.

Aug 22, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: school , non-fiction. At times the jargon was a little overpowering for someone not immersed in literary theory. I did really like the abundance of literary examples used by the author - these made the jargon make more sense!

Apr 19, Hadis rated it liked it.

New Accents

A very informative book and great introduction to narratology, the language was a bit confusing though, especially in the beginning. If English is not your first language, it can sometimes be a little difficult to understand what is written. Feb 05, N.


I've been using this on and off for more than fifteen years, first as a primer in narrative, now as a dipper-into and refresher — both tasks, I think, with which it copes very admirably. For the more advanced reader, this volume I've been using this on and off for more than fifteen years, first as a primer in narrative, now as a dipper-into and refresher — both tasks, I think, with which it copes very admirably. For the more advanced reader, this volume provides a good and accessible reminder of things buried in memory somewhere, and though the text does not dive too deeply into all aspects of the discussion, it covers enough to be useful beyond its initial employment.

It's also very readable, which is a bonus, and all too often a neglected aspect of academic texts of this kind. Feb 28, Faez rated it it was amazing. I strongly recommend this book to the students of Narratology and to the general readers of fiction as well. It reveals smoothly and Chrystal clearly the deepest secrets of narrative technique.

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May 23, Jacob rated it it was amazing. Super interesting - I might use narratology in my dissertation, so this was a good intro.

Fantastic Voyage

It's basically an analysis of how fiction works, like the difference between plot chronology and narrative chronology, how characterization happens, what defines an "event" in plot, the differences between story, text, and narration. Heady stuff. I can't help thinking about all these things now, as I go through stories after reading it. What I still need to figure out is how one uses this to critique litera Super interesting - I might use narratology in my dissertation, so this was a good intro.

What I still need to figure out is how one uses this to critique literature. So what if I can define a series of events that make up a plot? Or how a narrator makes a character known? What does that do for understanding the thematic content? More research is needed. What is poststructuralist theory, and what difference does it make to literary criticism? Where do we find the meaning of the text: in the author's head?

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This diverse and powerful body of literature has established a specific practice of post-colonial writing in cultures as various as India, Australia, the West Indies and… Paperback — Routledge New Accents. Dialogism Bakhtin and His World, 2nd Edition By Michael Holquist Holquist's masterly study draws on all of Bakhtin's known writings providing a comprehensive account of his achievement. He argues… Paperback — Routledge New Accents.

In… Paperback — Routledge New Accents. An update proposed in the late s has met a hostile reception, and has not been formally adopted. The punctuation, originally based on Byzantine Greek , was in the 17th and 18th centuries reformulated on the French and German models. Stress marks are mandatory in lexical dictionaries and books for children or Russian learners. The phonological system of Russian is inherited from Common Slavonic ; it underwent considerable modification in the early historical period before being largely settled around the year The language possesses five vowels or six, under the St.

Petersburg Phonological School , which are written with different letters depending on whether the preceding consonant is palatalized. The consonants typically come in plain vs.

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The hard consonants are often velarized , especially before front vowels, as in Irish and Marshallese. The standard language, based on the Moscow dialect, possesses heavy stress and moderate variation in pitch. Stressed vowels are somewhat lengthened, while unstressed vowels tend to be reduced to near-close vowels or an unclear schwa. See also: vowel reduction in Russian. The Russian syllable structure can be quite complex, with both initial and final consonant clusters of up to four consecutive sounds.

Using a formula with V standing for the nucleus vowel and C for each consonant, the maximal structure can be described as follows:. However, Russian has a constraint on syllabification such that syllables cannot span multiple morphemes. Clusters of four consonants are not very common however, especially within a morpheme.