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By consulting these perspectives, she finds the balance between the tales, giving a more inclusive and convincing narrative of history. These chapters are Portuguese in perspective, considering little the Indigenous sources that could have been utilised. While these events are important, they feel disconnected from Brazilian history.

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In exchange for these off-topic moments in the text, an examination of Brazilian colonial history more inclusive of Indigenous narratives would have been more valuable to her argument. Women are all too often ignored in history, but Metcalf introduces these influential women to the reader and shows their significance in the Brazilian conquest and the Indigenous resistance movements. Within the field of Latin American history, Metcalf's book focuses on a mostly forgotten group of influenza during the conquest of Brazil.

Go-betweens have not been given exclusive attention by other authors to the extent that Metcalf's study does.

This book contains useful information for students and scholars of Latin American colonial history, Portuguese history, and Brazilian resistance narratives. Alida C.

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Carolyn Klassen, University of British Columbia. Feb 19, Mike Emett rated it really liked it. Required for Atlantic History reading seminar P. Mar 09, Jhon rated it it was amazing Shelves: history. This is an excellent book to learn about the roots of Brazilian colonization.

A fantastic approach on the "curse of Ham" and the forced biblical parallels between skin color and slavery that crossed the ocean with afro-descendants on the continent. Actually these topics interested me much. In the future I will read Goldenberg which deals specifically about the issue. I recommend. Bo Mance rated it really liked it Jul 09, Darron Hubbard rated it liked it Sep 27, Tracy rated it liked it Oct 03, Madison rated it really liked it Nov 08, Darlene Campos rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Andy Adler rated it liked it Nov 07, Joshua rated it liked it Apr 02, Jesse More rated it liked it Apr 08, Jacob rated it really liked it Jan 02, Larry Espana rated it really liked it May 30, Artur Lipian rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Alex Miller rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Igor Lima rated it it was amazing Sep 19, John rated it really liked it Dec 06, Rebecca rated it really liked it Jan 22, Emily rated it it was ok Nov 20, Metcalf 3.

Erickson 4. The very sinews of a new Colony: demographic determinism and the history of early Georgia women, —52 Ben Marsh Part 2: Female Religious 5. Bristol 7. Incest, sexual virtue, and social mobility in late colonial Mexico Nora E. Jaffary 9.

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Circuits of knowledge among women in earlyth-century Lima Nancy E. Go-betweens 2. Encounter 3. Possession 4. Conversion 5. Biology 6. Slavery 7. Resistance 8.

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