Manual Remote Sensing of the European Seas

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The Global Environment Monitoring Unit is maintaining an archive of ocean colour derived products for the European seas, over the geographical domain 40WE, 10NN oceancolour. Nive page to browse and download images as well as spatial data sets of global products such as water vapor, temperatue, net radiation etc.

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Remote Sensing

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It is demonstrated how Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR used in combination with optical images can improve discrimination of open water, nilas, young ice and three gradations of deformed first-year ice. The classification method is based on multi-sensor data fusion and neural network, where.

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Synergetic use of scatterometer and passive microwave PMW data is well-established to estimate large scale ice motion, but in straits and marginal seas more detailed ice drift data are needed. It is demonstrated that SAR wideswath images can provide more accurate and higher-resolution ice drift vectors compared to scatterometer and PMW data.


Methods for retrieval of thickness for thin ice are available using thermal infrared, passive microwave and SAR data, but these methods are research-oriented and not used in regular monitoring. Laser and radar altimeter measurements from satellites have shown promising capability to observe sea ice freeboard and thickness for ice thicker than about one meter.

Such data used in combination with ice drift and ice types will provide new estimates of ice volume variability and fluxes. SAR and optical data have also been used to observe icebergs in the Barents Sea.

Remote Sensing of the European Seas

The two data types are complementary and can improve iceberg detection if they are used in combination.