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Tom Fletcher

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The co-author of the Dinosaur That Pooped series has created a monster that readers will fall in love with—and want to play with—again and again! It will get your own little monster tuckered out and snuggled in! Tom Fletcher has a huge social-media presence, with over a million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Immediately six gray forms, white-striped from spine to stomach, drop from above, surrounding your group.

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They crouch to leap, raising muscly hands and arms from hulking shoulders. Each extending one-inch finger claws and four-inch thumb claws, they launch as one, brandishing two-inch long, adz-like incisors and cleaver-like molars. Finds included bite marks of distinct individuals on prey bones and intimidatingly deep scratches in wood, even on cave walls! Evidence from the cave showed social behavior—pack hunting—and a physique best suited to arboreal ambush. This beast had beaver-like incisors capable of slicing chunks from live prey animals—including humans—and razor-edged molars for vivisecting bones.

It had the strongest bite pressure of any mammal known Musser, ed. Predator extinction has always coincided with that of its prey. Indeed, modern sightings and other evidence are both credible and numerous. Reports and evidence exist from all Australian states and New Guinea. But I found that twice the frequency of sightings, tracks and carcass gnaw marks originate from Queensland and south-coastal Australia as compared to other regions. You would have to constantly scan behind, ahead, to both sides—even above you—for these superbly camouflaged predator packs.

Two hardy souls realized they had no choice but to brave this horror, but did not emerge quite as they had hoped. Anne Musser, ed. Arman, S. Its nest of birds glowed warmly amid a dark and stylized misty wood, where a spectral brown cat waited in shadows.

Inside the large bedroom, white walls touted pictures of Ann and Keith in various outdoor adventures, like rappelling or with big game kills. Ann tapped a photo of Keith and his men in forest camouflage beside an armored reconnaissance vehicle as she tried to deter her husband from his plan. Who would watch the kids? Liz is home from college for two months. Mike can do most things for himself. Always controlling, over-protecting.

What if Maeve is incommunicado for the same reason she flew to Australia… to get away from you? Keith glared at his wife, then lowered his head in a defeated expression. His tone lacked any hint of his old drive and energy. Take me or hire some bushtracker to help. She has me wrong, and you know it.

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You admitted that, even with all your criticizing me for being a stereotypical Marine. I have to do this, while I still have some muscle and moxie left. She stared a long moment, released her embrace, and turned toward the red drapes on the window.

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