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    Do you seek spiritual help? AchieversSorcerer gmail. I need to know what customer value the most with study or reference and then, I will be able to give information of how my product can improve the experience of their customer. Monday, January 21, bias blind spot. The bias blind spot was described by Princeton University psychologist Emily Pronin and her colleagues as the tendency to perceive cognitive and motivational biases much more in others than in oneself. The bias blind spot is a metabias since it refers to a pattern of inaccurate judgment in reasoning about cognitive biases.

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    In one study, Pronin et al. Better-than-average bias is the tendency of individuals to rank themselves as better than average on just about anything you ask them. See Scott Adams's cartoon for January 18, Participants considered introspective information more than behavioral information for assessing bias in themselves, but not others. Finally, a study by Richard West et al.

    Note: West et al. In fact, the opposite is true: Most cognitive biases are negatively correlated with cognitive sophistication, as West et al. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Pronin, E.

    Robert Todd Carroll

    Valuing thoughts, ignoring behavior: The introspection illusion as a source of the bias blind spot. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Vol 43, Issue 4, Objectivity in the eye of the beholder: divergent perceptions of bias in self versus others. Psychological Review. The bias blind spot: Perceptions of bias in self versus others.

    Shermer, Michael. Times Books. Cognitive sophistication does not attenuate the bias blind spot. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. September; 3 : Wilson, T.

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    Mental contamination and the debiasing problem. Gilovich Eds. New York: Cambridge. Labels: better-than-average bias , bias blind spot. Intestinal Cleanse November 1, at AM. Williams Pater November 14, at PM. David Richardson November 27, at PM. David Richardson December 16, at PM. Robert March 22, at AM. Anonymous March 24, at AM. Robert March 30, at AM. Robin Jack April 25, at AM. Unknown May 9, at AM.